Huobi P2P Bot

Huobi P2P Bot



Automatic purchase of orders on Huobi P2P

Bot is written in the Python programming language for the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange

Bot  automatically buy USDT and other coins on the Binance exchange in the order faster than others through p2p


Advantages of the HuobiP2PBot bot in trading on the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange:

Huobi P2P exchange does not support API and we have created our own API Python SDK - which helps to redeem orders very quickly on Huobi cryptocurrency exchange

The bot is multitasking - it can perform several tasks at the same time (you can simultaneously buy orders for different cryptocurrencies)

The choice of currency (fiat) and payment methods (banks) in the bot is dynamic and pulled directly from the Huobi exchange - this makes it possible to buy cryptocurrency for any currency in any country

After launching the task (order) you created, the bot will monitor prices on the Huobi P2P exchange, and as soon as the price appears below the one set in the task you created, the bot will open a deal and notify you in a telegram




Instructions for installing and configuring the Huobi P2P bot

To manage the Huobi P2P bot software, you need to create and connect a telegram bot

1. Registering a new Telegram bot


Detailed instructions for registering a new telegram bot:

The resulting API key for your telegram bot will need to be copied and added to the configuration file located in the bot folder

Example: BOT_TOKEN = '5017012087:AAGXATlZLS3l25SxVbXIxXVcOPNqkT1Q5ig' # token BotFather


2. Install Python

Detailed instructions on how to install Python on Windows:

Go to the settings of the bot itself

Go to the C drive folder:
In the folder of drive C: unpack the archive

Go to the HuobiP2PBot folder and click on the start.bat file to start the bot

3. Connecting to Huobi

After starting the bot, a menu for creating orders will appear, and the bot will also launch the Google Chrome web browser (the Google Chrome web browser must be installed) to pass authorization on Huobi

The bot contains Huobi filters: When creating a purchase task, you will have a choice of cryptocurrency (asset)

Choosing which currency to buy (fiat)

Payment methods (PayType) - you can specify an unlimited number


Additional Information

System requirements: Windows 10/11, Python 3.x.x


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Support / Yes


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